Permanent sales post ~ Orders

Hi everyone and welcome to my shop! I have bought way too many lots from Yahoo!Japan only to get one or two things, so hopefully you'll find something interesting here and help me to clean my house a bit. :D
Also, because there's so many items, I decided to sort them out in two entrys and this entry is for the rules and orders/quotes

These sales are only open for members of pkmncollectors.

I'm not really into long intros, so let's get down to business~!

Sales permission granted by rachelled on 3/9/2012
My feedback can be found here

- All pkmncollector's rules apply!
- Paypal only!
- I ship worldwide from Finland
- Prices don't include shipping, paypal fees or possible material costs.
- I'm not responsible for items after they have left my hands. You can ask for tracked mail, but keep in mind, that it'll be very pricey.
- I'm going to keep items on hold for the first person who asks them, even if it is just a quote. But after getting your quote, you have 24 hours to reply to my comment, with payment confirmation or questions. After that the items you asked can be bought by the next person in line for it.
- I may be willing to do longer holds, but you must commit to buy and have at least 5 positive feedback.
- Payment plans are usually okay.
- I'm usually ok with haggling. It does not hurt to ask, and especially with bulk orders I usually say yes. :) (Although keep in mind, that if you decide to haggle and someone after you is going to pay the full price, they'll get the item.)
- My home is pet- and smoke-free, but since most items have been owned by someone else before, I can't guarantee anything.
- If you want your item to be mint in all ways, ask my opinion/more photos. I have many used items and don't really want to look every one of them through a magnifying glass. But I try to warn anyone interested, if there is noticeable problems with the item before asking for payment. If the condition is not like you hoped, you are free to back out.
- I'm open for trades or partial trades too! Check out my wish list
- Please specify your desired shipping class, if you know it from the start! I'll give a quote for both for everyone who don't mention it, but it'll make my job a bit faster and easier, if 1 quote is enough

About shipping:
As you can notice, I mostly have very small things on sale, because anything thicker than 3cm will be very expensive to ship. Smaller orders are quite reasonable though and here are some shipping prices to help you decide:
Flats: 1.40$ (Priority class. Economy is just 0.10 cheaper so not worth it), unless there's many.
Figures: Usually 2.67$ (E) / 3.62$ (P) and up to the US, depending on the weight, although it might be less too, if it's very light.
Plushes (or anything going over 3 cm) to Europe: 8.30$ (E) or 10.69$ (P)
Plushes to anywhere else: 12.73$ (E) or 15.58$ (P)

I mainly use two different shipping classes: Priority and Economy.
Priority: 2-5 days to Europe, 1-2 weeks to the US
Economy: 8-10 days to Europe, 10-15 days to the US. BUT it has taken over a month more than once, so you may want to think twice, even if it is cheaper! I'm quite sure both are as safe though.

And here are the important links = What I have up for sale!

Plushes, figures and semi-flats

Cards, stickers and anything made of paper

Permanent sales post ~ Plushes, Figures etc.

This is my permanent sales post for plushes, figures, battrios etc

These sales are only available for members of pkmncollectors and community rules apply here.
More about the rules can be found here and that's also the place to leave your order.

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Permanent sales post ~ Cards and stickers

This is my permanent sales post for anything made from paper. Cards, stickers, pogs...

Only available for members of pkmncollectors.
Rules can be found here and that's also the place to leave your order.
Most of these are in ok or good condition. Always ask first, if you want only near mint flats.

I'm open for trades too. For flats, I collect shiny TCG, Carddass and VS cards. My wants can be found here

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Pokemon want list

I'm a pokemon collector, mainly focusing on Tomy figures, shinies and Eevee, Umbreon (and a bit of other eeveelutions) and Yanma.

I would love to hear, if you have any of my wants up for sale/auction, but I can't promise to buy them right away. I may not have the money, or I want to still look around for a cheaper price.

And this is probably the best place to add some collectors united buttons with the pledge:
I will do my best to treat my fellow collectors as I wish to be treated. ^_^

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Pokemon Trade Shop

Do you play pokemon? Do you have legit shinies, competitively good Pokemon or some european game? If you answered yes, I may be interested in trading with you~!

Friend codes 
Pearl: 4298 4975 4059
jp-White: 0390-1966-3051
Black: 4727 7165 6381
White: 2537 3220 6136

Please read these short guidelines, before making offers:
1) I don't want:
Hacked pokemon
RNG shinies
2) I have nothing against:
RNG, if it was used mainly to get perfect IVs. These can be shiny, but I'll rather take normal colors.
3)Please, tell as clearly as possible, what are you offering and wanting for it.
4)I live in timezone GMT +2.
5)I use stars (☆, ☆☆, ☆☆☆) to give you an idea of the value

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Thank you!


Hi everyone~!

I'm Dialny, but more commonly known as Betulina, Windy and Near. Or even Tuuli, if you know me in real life. I'm a finnish lady and have not studied english much, so please don't bash my grammar too much. You may also find quite much finnish especially in comments, but I try to keep entries in english. You have been warned though. ^_^

Okay, if you still want to know something about me, then here's some basic info:

Occupation: I study biology in university and my (hopefully) final year starts this autumn. I also work in a department store, so my time is quite limited sometimes.
Home: I live with my boyfriend. No kids or pets.
Interests: Pokemon (especially shiny pokemon), anime, manga, video games, evolution, ethology, dolphins <3
Favorite series: Spiral (manga), Death Note, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, Harry Potter (books, not movies. Although I like to watch them too sometimes), Discworld
Favorite book: Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman
Favorite games: Pokemon, Ace Attorney, Sims3, Final Fantasy X, Dancing Stage, Singstar
Hobbies: Cosplay, roleplaying, sewing pokemon plushies

I'm quite childlike for my age, a proud nerd and a fan of pokemon and anime. I'm usually optimistic and cheerful person, but may be a little shy with new people. I try my best to be nice and polite to everyone though and hate fighting. I don't understand at all those who make others feel bad and in worst cases seem to enjoy it.

I don't think I'll use this journal too much, because I created it mostly to comment and post in communities. But time will tell, if that's the case. I could at least post a pokemon trading post, if not anything else.

Thanks for your visit and nice to meet you~!

Me elsewhere:
DeviantArt (Mostly to show of my plushies. I draw sometimes, but my drawings are definitely not worth sharing. :D)
Cosplay.com (Don't wait to see anything breathtaking. But I still enjoy doing it.)